Online Trading Academy Review

Online Trading Academy Review


·         Constant upselling
·         They will teach you to trade
·         Very large upfront price (5k cost)
·         More salesmen than traders
·         Continued calls to use their brokers and to sell more products


This company seems to work really well for some people but with how much the program costs it would be awhile before you break even.

You were probably wondering why you couldn’t find the costs of the courses they offer on their website weren’t you? That’s because at 5 thousand dollars a class you wouldn’t even give them a second chance.

That’s because at 5 thousand dollars a class you wouldn’t even give them a second chance.


I have taught myself to trade by using online products alone. I have never felt like I needed to improve my education at one of these seminars (and wouldn’t have had the time if I wanted to).

My advice is to check out their reviews thoroughly before you decide on the payment on this class. There are lots of legit traders that offer online sources of education. Jason Bond Picks for example offers daily stock picks, video lessons, real time webinars, up to date trading education all of this for a fraction of the cost. You could get 4 years of subscription through Jason Bonds service for the cost of one class from the Online Trading Academy plus all the potential money from 4 years of trading. Just think of your options before paying this premium.

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  • Artie says:

    Stay away from online trading academy–ripoff!!! Nothing but constant pressure sales from liars!!

    • Stock Services says:

      Hey Artie thanks for the opinion. Have you (or anyone else reading this) found any good services/ courses that you would suggest?

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