Jason Bond Picks Review

Jason Bond Picks Review

I want to make it clear that I do use Jason Bond Picks on a daily basis and I do truly recommend it for anyone who is looking for advice and help with their trading.

Jason Bond recently updated his pricing options into one single service. This is great because now you get all parts of his service Blow ups, Swing trades, and day trades. With this one price you get all of Jason’s video lessons, access to his day trade chat room where you can talk to Jason himself and other traders. You also receive daily updates and stock picks, also live webinars and trading lessons where Jason teaches you how he finds and trades stocks.

Jason Bond Picks offers to you a new lifestyle

The reason why I have signed up with Jason’s service is because of the flexibility and freedom that it offers me.

Trading with Jason Bond Picks allows me to trade successfully without dedicating my whole life to trading. I am able to grow my account steadily all while feeling safe and secure that Jason has my best interest at heart.

For me Jason is all I need to be a trader that also has a full time job. Emails are sent out daily with Market outlooks, breakdowns, potential trades, and updates on trades already made. These emails keep me up to date with the market without having to search across the internet for the information. This is the main reason I stay with Jason even today. I started off raving mostly about his videos and the live educational webinars that he records. After watching all of those and actually learning how to trade I still stayed with his service because it allows me to trade and grow my account while not taking all of my time. With Jason My investments feel safe (they also make good returns as well).

I still use Jason Bond Picks today because every day I learn something new. Jason Bond is not just handing out stock picks he is helping his subscribers become better and more confident traders so they don’t have to rely upon his service.




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Sep 19, 2013 by Lewis

The best part about jason bond picks is the awesome community that he has created. Chatting during the day with hundreds of traders is great for giving your trades confidence.

Honest and truthful is all I have to day about Jason. I would sign up again just to get a hold of his video/ and training lessons.

Bond Blow ups

Aug 29, 2013 by Ched

I only gave Jason bond Picks a 3 star rating because I first signed up for jason Bond Blow ups (now included in the full service) Bond blow ups alone was not worth the money at all. Most of the picks were not well researched and it felt like jason didn't focus on this much.

After I gave Jason's main service a try my experience was way better. Jason's picks for this were well thought out, and I got great training from the video's he has posted.

He also give live lessons/ webinars periodically.

Jason is a go for sure in my book. Just go for his swing trade service.

Professionalism and Caring

Aug 15, 2013 by James

Thats what I would sum up jason as if I could only use one word. Profesional.

Jason Bond Picks has truly changed my life around. through his guidance I have been able to become the serious trader that I have always wanted to be. In the few months that I have been with Jason I have been able to pay off my house payments and begin setting aside money for my daughters college.

Thanks Jason,

Response: Thank you James for coming back and leaving a response about Jason\'s service.


Aug 09, 2013 by Jessica

I just started Jason Bond Picks a week ago and I just can't stop watching all the videos he has posted on his site! I really have been learning a ton is been so great. Haven't started trading yet but he has alerted some good picks.

Aug 09, 2013 by Liam

Jason Bond has been great for me so far and has answered all my questions personally. I use the Premium version.

Response: Thanks Liam for leaving a review and telling us how Jason has been for you so far.

4.4 5.0 5 5 The best part about jason bond picks is the awesome community that he has created. Chatting during the day with hundreds of traders is great for giving your trades confidence.H Jason Bond Picks

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