Stock Assault 2.0

Stock Assault 2.0

Stock Assault 2.0 has some hefty claims behind it. I personnel stay as far away from any trading robots as I can. It tells you what trades to make, when to make them and how much to buy.

I know that there are tons of computers trading the stock market these days, but these aren’t used buy some family who opens up a e-trade account with their tax return. The computers that trade on today market are super-computers that trade for pennies and fractions of a penny, and do it in milliseconds. Now no offense to stock assault, but I don’t think that a little program running on my laptop is going to compete with those things, no way.

Stock Assault shoots out stocks and tell you to buy or sell them. You are still in the loop and even though it promises that its a stock trading robot that does all the work for you. Your still involved. I like to keep my mind open but the only thing I will use trading software for is as a supplemental tool. I still have tools and people that help me trade in the stock market but I leave it to guys that I trust, not some trading robot.


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